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The SJDI rankings are a Glicko-based rating system, a system that similar to ELO that also assesses the accuracy of a rating over time. Only Octafinal and Quarterfinal bid tournaments impact the ratings. To be ranked, a debater must have participated in at least 7 elimination debates (at Octas and Quarter bid tournaments), and have more points than the starting value (1200).

As of 12/28/17:

RankDebatorELO Rating
1Danielle Dosch (Immaculate Heart DD)1464.46
2Shruthi Krishnan (Greenhill SK)1442.94
3Brianna Aaron (Newark Science BA)1418.26
4Ariel Azbel (Lake Highland AA)1353.05
5Lindsey Perlman (Byram Hills LP)1338.41
6Muhammad Khattak (Lake Highland MK)1337.09
7Ishan Bhatt (St. Andrew's Episcopal IB)1309.41
8Reed Weiler (Lexington RW)1289.8
9Matthew Chen (Strake Jesuit MC)1288.47
10Frances Zhuang (Palo Alto FZ)1284.37
11Niko Battle (Kamiak NB)1279.97
12Tiffany Chang (Phillips TC)1276.51
13Whit Jackson (Brentwood WJ)1274.99
14Indu Pandey (Harvard-Westlake IP)1274.81
15Alan George (Klein Oak AG)1260.58
16Ronak Ahuja (Chaminade RA)1257.89
17Anna Myers (Greenhill AM)1248.75
18Jack Stern (North Hollywood JS)1248.48
19Ryan Younger (Brentwood RY)1246.48
20Eric Deng (San Marino ED)1245.65
21Rex Evans (Santa Monica RE)1241.34
22Jaya Nayar (Harvard-Westlake JN)1240.23
23Kevin Li (Stuyvesant KL)1238.81
24Rohith Mandavalli (Westwood RM)1235.79
25Martino Boni Beadle (Cambridge MB)1228.49
26Conal Thomas-McGinnis (West Des Moines Valley CT)1225.69
27Varun Paranjpe (Mountain View VP)1223.88
28Michael Gao (Law Magnet MG)1220.07
29Mihir Rai (Greenhill MR)1209.79
30Kenan Anderson (Apple Valley KA)1206.82