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Immaculate Heart’s Danielle Dosch wins Presentation

Congrats to Immaculate Heart’s Danielle Dosch for winning the Presentation Invitational! In the finals she defeated Palo Alto’s Frances Zhuang on a 3-0 decision (Newkirk, Santos, Totz). The top speaker was Jack Stern from North Hollywood. All three are alumni of the 2017 San Jose Debate Intensive.

Speaker Awards:

5. Ronak Ahuja (Chaminade)

4. Varun Paranjpe (Mountain View)

3. Niko Battle (Kamiak)

2. Danielle Dosch (Immaculate Heart)

1. Jack Stern (North Hollywood)


Full Results:

Double Octafinals:

Santa Monica RE def. Arcadia JC (Overing, Sabharwal, Le Barillec*)

Brentwood EL def. Harvard-Westlake EL (Ivend-Duran, Sherwood, Simon)

Palo Alto FZ def. Carmel Valley KL (Chapman, Overing, Brown*)

Chaminade RA def. Loyola NT (Alderete, Le Barillec, Riano)

Servite PA def. Dougherty Valley PC (Coyle, Narain, Balagurusamy)

Harvard-Westlake AM def. Nueva AK (Amestoy, Zhao, Malyugina*)

Valley KK def. Harvard-Westlake AM (Ivens-Duran, Simon, Alderete*)

Kamiak NB def. St Francis DJ (Malyugina, Reichle, Santos)

Loyola ST def. Northwood VA (Kim, Zhao, Kim*)

Immaculate Heart DD def. Marlborough ZW (Dasaraju, Phillips, Wancewicz)

North Hollywood JS def. Harvard-Westlake KK (Coyle, Kim, Tambe)

Palo Alto BH def. Brentwood LR (Flores, Sabharwal, Tambe)

Quarry Lane SK def. Northwood KK (Chapman, Riano, Zhou)

San Marino ED def. Immaculate Heart MC (Stasaki, Zhou, Dasaraju*)

Torrey Pines FK def. San Marino KW (Flores, Hunt, Santos)




Mountain View VP def. Brentwood EL (Chapman, Coyle, Stasaki)

Palo Alto BH def. Chaminade RA (Brown, Overing, Le Barillec*)

Torrey Pines FK def. Harvard-Westlake AM (Alderete, Ivans-Duran, Simon)

Immaculate Heart DD def. Santa Monica RE (Le Barillec, Zhou, Hunt*)

Palo Alto FZ def. Kamiak NB (Santos, Simon, Flores*)

North Hollywood JS def. Servite PA (Coyle, Gilbert, Sabharwal*)

San Marino ED def. Quarry Lane SK (Malyugina, Overing, Santos)

Loyola ST def. Valley KK (Alderete, Ivans-Duran, Zhou)



Immaculate Heart DD def. Torrey Pines FK (Alderete, Hunt, Santos)

Palo Alto FZ def. Loyola ST (Kim, Simon, Zhou)

Palo Alto BH def. North Hollywood JS (Coyle, Lallas, Overing)

San Marino ED def. Mountain View VP (Amestoy, Brown, Dasaraju)




Immaculate Heart DD def. Palo Alto BH (Le Barillec, Newkirk, Sabharwal)

Palo Alto FZ def. San Marino ED (Reichle, Santos, Overing*)



Immaculate Heart DD def. Palo Alto FZ (Newkirk, Santos, Totz)

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